Allied Pak offers a variety of plain pouch sizes in different gauges to suit your specific needs and requirements. These vaccuum pouches have various applications in both the food and non-food industries. We offer vacuum pouches that can be used in combination with zipper as well as tear-off technology that will help increase the overall functionality of the pouch. In addition, we offer custom printed vacuum pouches that will help increase the appearance of the pouch as well as your products.

Packaging Products

Vacuum Pouches

High Barrier Vacuum Pouches

High barrier vacuum bags consists of a high oxygen barrier and is recommended for products which require maximum strength.

Retort pouches are slowly becomming a popular design and concept in the food industry. Retort is the process of cooking food in the package that it is stored and sold in. It uses heat and pressure to cook the food in a strong and sealed vacuum pouch (available as stand-up or flat). Retort pouches are more flexible and compact than traditional jars and cans found in grocery markets. The package itself has a large surface area which allows for more information and pictures to be displayed. In addition, retort pouches are lighter and cheaper to transport, takes up less space, and requires no refrigeration. With features like that, retort pouches are one of the most valuable and cost-effective pouches on the market today.

Retort Pouches


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Specialty Pouches

Allied Pak offers the following specality pouches. Please contact us for available sizes.


Gold Pouches

Black Checkered Pouches

Red Checkered Pouches

Black Film Pouches



Safe Handling Pouches

Safe-Handling pouches are the same our standard vacuum pouches with the exception of safe-handling instructions printed on the pouch. We offer safe-handling pouches in 3 mil which consists of the same exceptional quality of our other pouches.The picture in the bottom left shows the safe handling label as described in Code of Federal Regulations. The picture in the bottom right shows the appearance of safe-handling labels after they have been printed on vacuum pouch